From the Desk of the Rev’d Annette Ragsdale…   

Dear Friends at Providence,

     Like Paul, in addressing the church in Thessaonica, I give thanks to God for this family of believers and for the works you have done in the name of the Lord. You are a loving group that is generous in giving both time and resources for building up the Body of Christ. You have many shared experiences–both joyful and sad. You’ve had ups and downs, but you keep on keeping on. Your steadfastness is commendable.

Several of you have remarked recently, “What’s going to happen with Providence?” One of the tasks of the newly elected Pastor Nominating Committee will be to do some introspection and evaluation of our current situation and to pray for God’s guidance in moving forward. If you have a perspective you’d like to share, please contact Bobby Freeman, Phyllis Hicks, Teresa Blackwood, Carolyn Mears, or Helen Mize as they begin their deliberations.

The Thessalonians received God’s word in the midst of tribulations with the joy of the Holy Spirit. They gave testimony to the power of the Spirit working in their situation. We shall do likewise. God is ever faithful — but you know that! Keep your heart open to love the world that God loves and He will prove himself trustworthy once again.


Pray Until Something Happens.

Pray until God unveils something new and beautiful in spite of our weaknesses and stubbornness.

Pray until we surrender ALL to him.